This is why I love the Gizmodo community, the tireless dribble and coached one-liners of either party don't fly here. I feel like we(gizmodo community of technophiles) can dissect each parties statements just like we dissect each companies press release of a new gadget, and look at the specs, or their platform, what… » 2/29/12 4:43am 2/29/12 4:43am

nice laptop beefy specs long battery life and super light weight what more could you want..... also I've played with a few samsung laptops at my local best buy they don't seem to be crippled by bloatware as so many are claiming and also the current samsung storm qx430/410 is a mbp competitor in my eyes with its… » 1/07/11 3:01am 1/07/11 3:01am

@kelbytaylor: heh yeah... i work at bestbuy too the tv deals are actually pretty decent since usually we only carry the instore brand tvs 32" for prices around 300's, i havent seen the official advert. yet but i assume it will be as good as last years if not better. if its true the $150 netbook would be kinda neet… » 11/22/10 2:34am 11/22/10 2:34am

those who are willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither security nor freedom... Benjamin Franklin. This article really does not shock me. What do you expect from a bunch of people employed in a boring job like airport security. The fact that they put these there in the first place is what really… » 9/29/10 1:30am 9/29/10 1:30am

Lol, this article strikes a cord with me. My friends and I practice parkour and freerunning at many public locations and usually after a big meetup of 20-50 members we like to snap a photo for our site. Anywho we were in a public park in downtown Los Angeles and some Police officer comes up to us and asks us if we… » 7/26/10 7:41pm 7/26/10 7:41pm

Kinda weird how this comes right on the heels of Breitbart's early nineties indie rock marathon Twitter dance party, huh. Anyway, thanks for all those times I would lose my wallet and you would vouch and get me served by obnoxiously self-serious DC bartenders anyway, Pareene. You have always been so good at making the… » 4/21/10 6:43pm 4/21/10 6:43pm